Women are better administrator than Men. Why?

It is not a comment but it’s a truth that women are better administrator than men because from the childhood they are taught to manage their house and family members.School education is not necessary for them but home management and household work is very necessary and compulsory.They ever told that they have to compromise,they have to adjust because they are women.This is not happen with our daughters even though their mother and grandmothers also followed these instructions and daughters are the link of this chain. They are told that their mother and grandmother proved a good administrator.So they also have to prove a good manager and they accepted it as a challenge and at any cost they want to manage their home in the best way. Though in present scenario they are mostly working but they handle both house and office effectively. Their childhood guideline help them in the work place also. They never want to yield before the circumstances and never accept defeat in any field when they go outside to do work , they have to accept another challenge that now how they will manage their home and work but they win this challenge and prove better administrator than men and this is only because of their home management education,so we should enhance our boys to manage home because home belongs not only to girls and they both are complements of each other.
I am not saying that men can’t do household work or they are not able to take this responsibility but it’s Indian Society’s thought if one person co-operate or support his wife or mother in doing domestic work , other people think him inferior and always talk about him as if he does any wrong work , So I request all the people that both men and women are necessary for the development of world so we have to understand  and cooperate each other.

9 thoughts on “Women are better administrator than Men. Why?

  1. I absolutely agree with your views and it’s the fact that naturally women have the potential to balance between work , taking care of children and family.
    It’s a privilege to womanhood.💟💐✌👍👑

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