Childhood 😊

In a man’s life childhood is a golden period. Even though his whole life is divided into many parts pre-childhood, childhood, teenage, adult, young and old and every period has its own significance but childhood is the best period in it. In this period a child has no responsibility,no work & no tension. He has to only play,eat and sleep. All the family members remain wandering around him. In this age he became sad soon but in a short moment when somebody gives him a toy and any pleasing thing he becomes happy soon. This age is regarded as best because at this time he is truthful, he is completely away from the cheating, evils and every wrong way.
He knows nothing about the materialistic life that is only depend upon you that what kind of environment you give him.
William Wordsworth truly said about a child that“A child is father of man.” He has no sense of truth and lie as if you told him to tell a lie that you are not present,he will say that you are saying that you are not present. They know only to tell the truth that’s why they are supposed as the form of God.
In this age the child is just like Clay and the parents are the Potter so that’s depend on you that how would you mould them.
This is one of the best part of lives because there is only enjoyment and happiness. In this age we can do anything,we can go anywhere and we can get anything. The elder people also forgive us easily for any mistake.Every old person wants to be child again because when he reaches in this age,he realises that how many wrong deeds he has done in his life and when he was a child,he was far from all these evils. But now we cannot do anything because‘ lost time never comes again’ .Thus we can say that we should try to fill our children’s childhood with sweet memories because our childhood memories are never lasting and they will inspire you to do good deeds in your life.

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